Israel's Olmert cleared of serious corruption charges

By Jennifer Lipman, July 10, 2012

The former Israeli Prime Minister has been cleared of corruption charges against him.

The case against Ehud Olmert involved allegations that he accepted illicit campaign donations from an American businessman. He was also accused of incorrectly recording his foreign travel expenses.

He was indicted in September 2009 on the charges, following the investigation that led to his resignation as prime minister.

On Tuesday morning a Jerusalem court cleared him of the charges, although the former Jerusalem mayor was convicted of a lesser charge involving a breach of trust for directing valuable contracts to the friends of a business associate.

Mr Olmert described that charge as a "procedural lapse" but said he was delighted to be cleared on the other charges.

He said: "There was no corruption. There was no taking of money, there was no use of money, there were no cash envelopes."

Although it is a victory for the former Kadima politician, Mr Olmert is still embroiled in another case involving allegations of wrongdoing when he was mayor of Jerusalem.

Last updated: 9:52am, July 10 2012