'Significant deficiencies' in Netanyahu's flotilla leadership

By Jennifer Lipman, June 13, 2012

Benjamin Netanyahu showed poor leadership over the flotilla to Gaza and the subsequent clashes on board the Mavi Marmara, an Israeli government report has found.

Two years after nine activists were killed in fighting on the Gaza-bound ship, State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss has concluded that the Israeli Prime Minister that there were "substantive and significant deficiencies…in the decision-making process".

According to the 153-page report, Mr Netanyahu's decision-making process "took place without orderly, co-ordinated and documented team work, even though the senior political, military and intelligence ranks were aware that the Turkish flotilla was different from other flotillas".

The investigation also found that Mr Netanyahu "did not internalise that the forcible stopping of the flotilla was liable to spark a violent confrontation" on board.

The Prime Minister defended his leadership during the crisis, stating today that "Israeli citizens enjoy a level of security they did not have for many years," as a result of his decisions in May 2010.

Last updated: 2:46pm, June 13 2012