Family destroyed in fatal car crash in Israel

By Jennifer Lipman, May 22, 2012

Eight members of the same family have died after a car accident in northern Israel.

Rafael Attias, a teacher, was with his wife and seven of their children when the brakes on the car failed as they drove near to Tiberias.

The brake failure led Mr Attias to lose control of the vehicle at a speed of around 80 miles per hour. It subsequently overturned and burst into flames. The victims were unable to escape the car.

Only his seven-year-old daughter, Rachel, survived as she was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the car.

Mr Attias had previously contacted the emergency services to alert them to the fact that the vehicle was malfunctioning. The Transport Ministry has announced it will look into the accident.

Last updated: 4:49pm, May 22 2012