Elvis in Tel Aviv: an Israel tour with a rock 'n roll twist

By Michaela Walters, March 29, 2012
Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

A Florida based holiday company has announced that they will be conducting an Elvis themed tour around Israel.

Brian Mayes, the co-founder of Israel Theme Tours, told Business Week that the tour, which is scheduled for May 2013, will not include Elvis impersonators as fans "don't like cheesy Elvis stuff", but rather will be a classic tour of Israel.

The Elvis-Presley Holy Land Tour itinerary includes stops at the ancient port of Caesarea, Mount Carmel, the Golan Heights, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and a cruise on the Sea of Galilee

Israel Theme Tours have created a variety of celebrity based trips to Israel in the past. However, their trips have tended to include living celebrities, who travel alongside the guests.

Past celebrities have included Howie Dorough from the Backstreet Boys and Christian singers Jaci Velasquez and Nic Gonzales. This is the first tour the company has organised involving a celebrity who is not alive.

Kevin Kern, director of public relations for Elvis Presley, Enterprises, the company that Israel Theme Tours has joined with to arrange the trip, told Assistnews.net: "It's no secret that Elvis loved Gospel music".

Tickets for the unlikely tour went on sale on Wednesday and cost nearly $4,000.

It is still not clear what exactly the connection between Israel and Elvis is, as gospel music did not originate in Israel, and Elvis never toured there.

Last updated: 4:41pm, March 29 2012