Trouble for Netanyahu's IDF son who went home for dinner

By Jessica Elgot, March 21, 2012
Yair Netanyahu

Yair Netanyahu

The irresistible pull of his mother’s home cooking landed a young IDF soldier a courtmartial, when he skipped home to the Prime Minister’s residence for a meal with his family.

Yair Netanyahu, son of the Israeli Prime Minister, was given 21 days ' detention by a military court for abandoning his shift in the IDF internal communications department in favour of Friday night dinner at his home in Rehavia, Jerusalem.

Journalists who were ringing the communications bureau became angry that no-one was answering the phone at the office that evening and contacted the department’s commanding officer. The officer, heading to the unit for an inspection, found Mr Netanyahu had been missing for hours, accompanied by his bodyguards.

Last Monday, Col Avital Leibovich tried Mr Netanyahu on two counts of leaving his post and lying to his commanding officer. It is believed not to be the first time Mr Netanyahu has been disciplined by the unit.

The Prime Minister’s Office declined to comment.

Last updated: 1:23pm, March 21 2012