Palestinian boy died from gunshots not Israeli strike

By Jennifer Lipman, March 14, 2012

A Palestinian child killed in Gaza this week died in a tragic accident at a funeral and not from Israeli air strikes.

Palestinians emergency services official Adham Abu Selmiya had placed the blame on Israel after Barka al-Mugrahbi, eight, was wounded on Monday.

But according to AFP he has now stated that he was misinformed, which witnesses have corroborated. The child, who died of his injuries earlier today, was a victim of a shot fired by gunmen who were nearby while he attended the funeral processions of a Gaza terrorist.

The Israeli military had already said it was not carrying out a strike in that area at the time the boy was struck by a bullet.

The latest round of violence on the border led to the deaths of 25 Palestinians, the majority of them terrorists.

Last updated: 3:22pm, March 14 2012