Israelis warned of terror threat in Turkey

By Jennifer Lipman, March 14, 2012
The blast in Delhi in February

The blast in Delhi in February

Fears about a potential terror attack in Turkey have prompted Israel to warn its citizens not to travel there.

Until about two years ago, Turkey was one of the most popular tourist destinations for Israel. But relations became frosty in the wake of the deaths of Turkish anti-Israel activists on board a Gaza-bound flotilla in May 2010, and have been fractured ever since.

This week Israel's Counter Terrorism Bureau raised concern about terror groups "planning to carry out attacks against Jewish and Israeli sites inside Turkey in the coming days".

As a result, Israelis have been warned not to visit the country.

An unnamed Israeli official told Ynet that the threat originated with Iran, just like the attack in Delhi last month and the botched attempt on Israelis in Bangkok.

He said: "Iranian elements will try to seek out Israeli businessmen and Jews in other locations around the world – not just in Turkey."

Maariv reported that Turkey had warned the Iranians not target Israelis on Turkish soil.

Last updated: 12:07pm, March 14 2012