Bibi spokesman: Lebanon media 'pathetic'

By Jennifer Lipman, February 17, 2012

A senior spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described the Lebanese media as "pathetic" following controversy over an interview on the country's MTV channel.

A number of Lebanese bloggers picked up on Ofir Gendelman's post on Twitter earlier this week, in which he said he had "granted an interview to Lebanon's MTV".

"Acknowledge it or not, we are all facing the same threat: Iranian terrorism [and]…nuclear program," wrote Mr Gendelman, the prime minister's spokesperson to the Arab media.

Blogger Beirut Spring suggested this could spark "Lebanon's next Twitter scandal", while others expressed concern that MTV would come under attack for agreeing to the interview.

"I think MTV is risking a lot by going through with this and I can't but see bring the station under attack," wrote blogger Elie.

According to Arabic newspaper Al Akhbar, the interview could represent "a possible breach of Lebanese laws prohibiting media from contacting Israeli officials".

Mr Gendelman criticised the "refusal" of the Lebanese media to acknowledge Israel. "Lebanese media makes enormous efforts to deny reality in Lebanon," he said, adding that it was "much ado about nothing".

When a Lebanese blogger messaged him on Twitter, Mr Gendelman added: "I just hope you won't be prosecuted for tweeting to an Israeli."

Last updated: 3:57pm, February 17 2012