Israeli envoy: Blasts in India, Thailand were 'similar'

By Jennifer Lipman, February 15, 2012
An explosives expert examines a bag left at the scene of the blast

An explosives expert examines a bag left at the scene of the blast

Explosives used in attacks this week in Delhi and Bangkok were of similar types, an Israeli diplomat has said.

Israel's ambassador to Thailand, Itzhak Shoham, said that the similarities of the devices used in those attacks and one that was thwarted on Monday in Georgia, led Israel to "assume that there is the same network of terror".

He added: "We can assume from the other experiences that we were the target."

Israeli officials have already accused Iran of being behind the attacks, which came soon after the four th anniversary of the death of a senior figure in Hizbollah.

Two Iranians have been arrested in connection with the explosions at a house in the Thai capital, which left four civilians injured. One of the Iranian men had his legs torn off in an explosion as he fled the scene.

Wichean Potephosree, the chief of Thailand's National Security Council, said that a search of the house had revealed explosives that could be attached to vehicles.

"Based on the equipment and materials we found, they were aimed at individuals and the destruction capacity was not intended for large crowds or big buildings."

The attack in India, which left the wife of an Israeli embassy staffer with injuries, also involved a device attached to a vehicle.

Last updated: 10:29am, February 15 2012