India Israeli embassy bomb: injured woman was on school run

By Jennifer Lipman, February 14, 2012
The diplomat's car on fire in Delhi (Photo: Joji Philip Thomas)

The diplomat's car on fire in Delhi (Photo: Joji Philip Thomas)

The Israeli woman who was severely wounded in an attack on an Israeli embassy car in the Indian capital on Monday was on the way to pick up her children from school.

Tal Yehoshua Koren, the wife of an Israeli Defence Ministry and a mother of two, was in the car on Monday afternoon when it exploded. The driver was also hurt.

Israel has blamed Iran and its proxy Hizbollah for the blast, which happened at the same time as an attempt on Israel's embassy in Georgia was thwarted.

Indian investigators have vowed to find the motorcyclist who attached the bomb to the car, although they refused to point fingers at Iran, an Indian ally. "Whoever did it, we condemn it in the strongest terms," said Palaniappan Chidambaram, India's Home Minister.

"Diplomats of every country are entitled to live and work here in peace and security," he said. "Any attempt to attack any diplomat or a member of a diplomat's family is condemnable."

Mrs Koren is still in hospital but is responding to verbal commands and doctors are optimistic that her condition will recover.

Cabinet Minister Dan Meridor suggested that the dual attempts would not be isolated incidents. "No doubt we face a wave of terror," he said.

The attack came just over three years after the Mumbai terror attacks, in which 164 people, including four Israelis, were murdered in a days-long killing spree.

Israel's president said that such acts of terrorism would not deter Israel in its efforts to "defend and protect our citizens anywhere in the world".

Shimon Peres thanked the Indian and Georgian governments for their help and co - operation in the wake of the attacks, and wished Mrs Koren a speedy recovery.

He also warned that "the government of Iran today is the headquarters of terrorism, of hatred and of war, and will not spare any effort to attempt to kill and to destroy.

"We shall meet the Iranian dangers as it should be done - with the maximum effort to make the region secure and peaceful."

Last updated: 5:12pm, February 14 2012