Water fight Israeli politician suspended

By Jennifer Lipman, January 10, 2012
Anastassia Michaeli

Anastassia Michaeli

An Israeli politician has been suspended after a heated debate in the Knesset ended with a water fight.

Anastassia Michaeli, a politician from the right-wing Yisroel Beitenu party, threw a glass of water over a Labour backbencher.

She also shouted "shame on you" to the MK, Raleb Majadele, during a routine debate.

Although her exact motivation remains unclear, she said after the incident that Mr Majadele needed to cool off and that that she was angry about his lack of respect for women.

The scene in the Knesset chamber

The scene in the Knesset chamber

Ms Michaeli's behaviour prompted swift action from Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin and the Labour party, both of whom filed complaints with the Knesset Ethics Committee.

She has now been suspended from the Knesset for a month, starting on Wednesday. The suspension will still allow her to vote but not to contribute to committee discussions.

Ms Michaeli also apologised for her conduct, describing it as inappropriate for "a respectable placeā€¦even if it comes from being upset and insulted."

Last updated: 4:16pm, January 10 2012