Israeli drug campaign uses Facebook timeline

By Jennifer Lipman, January 5, 2012

An Israeli media agency has launched an eye-catching campaign for the Israel Anti-Drug Authority, imagining the Facebook history of a drug user compared with what would have happened if he had stayed clean.

McCann Digital Israel has used Facebook's latest redesign, the Timeline format, to show a year in pictures of the life of "Adam Barak".

Under the slogan "Drugs set your timeline", the fictional Adam is shown looking haggard and exhausted, with other images of him being dumped by a girlfriend and sleeping on the streets. In contrast, his other profile shows a clean-shaven man, at the cinema, out with friends and his girlfriend, and sleeping in a brightly-lit bedroom.

The stunt required McCann Digital employee Daniel Barak, posing as Adam, to spend two months growing a beard.

Last updated: 1:24pm, January 5 2012