Two dead after plane crashes in Israel

By Jennifer Lipman, December 16, 2011
Emergency workers at the crash scene (Photo: Daniel Pearlman)

Emergency workers at the crash scene (Photo: Daniel Pearlman)

Two men have been killed in a plane crash in the Israeli town of Modi'in.

The victims, both in their 50s, were passengers on a light aircraft that crashed into a parked car.

The pilot had attempted to make an emergency landing.

Shmulik Segal, a comamnder for the ZAKA emergency organisation, said that when he and his team arrived in Modiā€™in, they "found the remains of the aircraft strewn over the road with two bodies trapped inside.

"While this was indeed a tragedy, it was a miracle that the plane crashed into a car without any passengers inside."

This is the third crash involving a light aircraft in Israel since March, when two people were killed after a plane burst into flames in the Galilee. An instructor and three flight students died in a crash in Haifa in April.

Last updated: 3:01pm, December 16 2011