Author Naomi Ragen guilty of plagiarism

By Jennifer Lipman, December 12, 2011

One of Israel's most high-profile authors has been found guilty of plagiarising another writer's work.

Naomi Ragen, who is known for her support for women's rights, will now have to compensate Sarah Shapiro.

Ms Ragen, the author of books including The Sacrifice of Tamar and The Tenth Song, was sued over the content of her novel Sotah.

The book, published in 1992, is a story about the implications of adultery in the Charedi community.

In 2007 Ms Shapira, like Ms Ragen an Orthodox writer originally from the US, began legal action alleging that Sotah had borrowed from her 1990 book, Growing With my Children and demanding 169,000 compensation.

The case was settled on Sunday in the Jerusalem District Court when a judge ruled that Ms Ragen's actions were "tantamount to a premeditated act".

    Last updated: 6:13pm, December 12 2011