Funeral of Gaza rocket fire victim held

By Jennifer Lipman, October 31, 2011

Thousands of mourners attended the funeral of a man killed by a by a Grad rocket fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Moshe Ami, 56, died of shrapnel wounds after being hit by the rocket as he was on his way home.

The Ashkelon resident and father of four was unable to reach shelter in time.

More than 30 rockets and mortars, including long-range Grad missiles, have been fired into Israel since Friday, with the Iranian-backed terrorist group Islamic Jihad claiming responsibility. Dozens have been injured and buildings including a school have been damaged.

Schools were kept shut and Ben Gurion University, due to open for a new term yesterday, postponed the start of classes.

Israel has retaliated with strikes on "terror activity sites" in Gaza. The IDF said that 12 terrorists have been killed as a result, including two on Monday morning when the air force hit a "terrorist cell in the southern Gaza Strip which used high-trajectory weapons against Israel".

Despite promises of a cease-fire from Islamic Jihad, rocket fire continued overnight.

Last updated: 11:46am, October 31 2011