Fantastic four prove medics wrong

By Nathan Jeffay, September 27, 2011
Barmitzvah this month:  the Mizrahi quads

Barmitzvah this month: the Mizrahi quads

It was the barmitzvah that defied medical science.

When Yael Mizrahi found out that she was pregnant with quads 13 years ago, her doctor told her there was a "very low chance" that they would all survive.

"I was shocked when I learned I was having quads because I didn't have fertility treatment," said the Jerusalem mother in an emotional interview recently. "Immediately, the doctor said that I should terminate two."

She continued: "He called them A, B, C, and D, asking who I was going to give up and who to send to life." She decided to keep all of them, and A, B, C and D - now four healthy teenagers, Benzi, Yosef, Shlomo and Yishai - celebrated their barmitzvah two weeks ago.

"I said I couldn't do it - it was a very hard decision," she said of the doctor's recommendation. She gave birth at 35 weeks, and the babies ranged in weight from 3lb 12oz to 4lb 7oz. "It was a miracle," she said, adding that, in accordance with her Orthodox faith, she thanked God throughout her pregnancy for keeping her healthy.

Together with husband Yehezkel, she organised a huge barmitzvah party - each boy attends a different school, and each invited 30 classmates, plus teachers. The four boys performed together, singing some of their favourite religious songs and displaying the close bond they have with each other.

The party was preceded by a service at the Western Wall. "It was beautiful - they are all such good boys," said Mrs Mizrahi.

After her quads, Mrs Mizrahi had a nice easy pregnancy - twins. She now has 11 children and, although they live in a three-bedroom flat, reports that everyone gets on well.

"I'm not worried about for myself when I become an old woman, with 11 children to take care of me," she said.

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