Gaza terrorists fire more rockets into Israel

By Jennifer Lipman, August 23, 2011
Hamas said it had accepted a truce

Hamas said it had accepted a truce

Rockets were fired from inside the Gaza Strip into southern Israel last night, despite claims of a ceasefire from Hamas.

Four Qassam rockets landed in Israel on Monday night, with three exploding in the Hof Ashkelon area. One of the rockets sparked a blaze which firemen battled to control before it damaged nearby greenhouses.

It was the third instance of rocket fire since terrorist groups in Gaza said they had agreed to an unofficial truce.

More than 100 rockets have been fired into Israel since the brutal triple terror attack on Thursday, which left eight people dead and 40 people with injuries.

On Monday evening Prime Minsiter Benjamin Netanyahu told a group of US Congressmen, including Jewish majority leader Eric Cantor, that the barrage from Gaza also represented a threat to the US.

He said: "Those who fire missiles at Israel are supported by Iran with weapons, money and training.

"They constitute a forward Iranian post on our borders. Just as Iran threatens us, so too it threatens the US."

The Board of Deputies of British Jews said it was watching "with great sadness and dismay the continued rocket attacks against communities in Southern Israel, including those launched after a supposed cease fire was declared by Hamas".

The Board called on the British Government to support Israel's legitimate right to defend herself from attacks which were "designed to inflict as many civilian casualties as possible".

Last updated: 10:00am, August 23 2011