Palestinians: no to peace

By Anshel Pfeffer, July 21, 2011

An opinion survey carried out in the West Bank and Gaza shows a Palestinian public largely against a peace solution with Israel.

In a survey carried out by the Palestinian Centre for Public Opinion, only 34 per cent of the sample accepted US President Barack Obama's proposal of a two-state solution, while 61 per cent rejected it.

Sixty-six per cent said that they could accept two states to begin with but the real goal must be one state.

Regarding violence, there were mixed reactions, with 80 per cent agreeing with a quote from the Hamas charter on the need for Arabs to defeat the Jews. Seventy three per cent agreed with the Hadith, or "saying", attributed to Mohammed and quoted in the Hamas Charter, about the need kill Jews hiding behind stones and trees.

On the other hand, only 45 per cent agreed that jihad was the only solution to the conflict while 60 per cent preferred diplomacy over violence.

Last updated: 2:46pm, July 21 2011