Pro-Palestinian flotilla ships nears Gaza

By Jennifer Lipman, July 19, 2011

A lone vessel sailing towards the Gaza Strip that was originally part of a larger flotilla of ships has been contacted by the Israeli navy.

Israel hopes that as a result of conversations with the activists on board, the French Al-Karama ship will agree to change route, having repeatedly warned that such ships to Gaza would be viewed as intentional provocations. Earlier this month the Greek government blocked the flotilla from setting sail.

The navy has already said the activists will be able to divert the ship at any point before they enter the blockaded area and that any aid on board could still be taken to Gaza.

However it is unknown whether the activists have accepted the offer and if it is refused, the navy is likely to board the ship.

The latest tweet on the Al-Karama's account said that they were surrounded by Israeli ships.

Last updated: 9:07am, July 19 2011