Fast food nightmare: Israel McDonald's axes the McFalafel

By Jennifer Lipman, July 12, 2011
The McFalafel is no more

The McFalafel is no more

In the battle between the global fast food empire and the plucky local cuisine, we have a winner.

McDonald's has dropped the McFalafel from its Israeli menus just a few months after it introduced the dish.

The company announced this week that it was bringing to Israeli outlets a new burger made of entrecote and prime rib, but said that the McFalafel did not belong in McDonald's.

A McDonald's spokesman told Ynet that it was an experiment that had failed and said that it would be gradually phased out of McDonald's restaurants.

"We wanted a vegetarian dish alongside the corn snacks," he told Ynet. "But it didn't succeed".

When the falafel option was introduced earlier this year, it was marketed as a McDonald's product "adjusted to the Israeli taste".

It was offered with tahina or pita bread and chopped salad, but despite its healthy appearance it contained more calories than a McDonald's Big Mac.

Last updated: 3:54pm, July 12 2011