Middle East peace deal 'urgent'

June 20, 2011

Israel's president Shimon Peres has called for an "urgent" return to peace talks with the Palestinians, and warned that time is running out.

He told the US news channel that both sides had reached a stalemate. "Neither side has much time. We have to act dynamically.""

In an interview with CNN this weekend, Mr Peres said he did not see the Palestinian attempts to declare statehood at the UN particularly significant. He said: "If you go for a declaration, you have a declaration. You won't have a change in the situation. It's not enough to declare, you have to agree."

He added: "If there will be one state without a clear majority or an un-Jewish majority, that is against everything we are trying to work for."

Last updated: 4:46pm, June 20 2011