Funding plea for Spencer Tunick's Naked Sea Israel project

By Jennifer Lipman, May 5, 2011
Spencer Tunick's Newcastle nude scene

Spencer Tunick's Newcastle nude scene

Artist Spencer Tunick has launched an online appeal for sponsorship and support so he can carry out his planned "Naked Sea" installation project at Israel's Dead Sea.

Mr Tunick, known around the world for photographing of large groups of nude figures at popular locations including Caracas, Sydney and the Swiss Alps, said he hoped to raise £36,000 by June 6.

Mr Tunick, whose father lives in Israel, first announced his intention to use Israel as a backdrop in March last year, settling on the Dead Sea after Tel Aviv Port proved too costly and controversial.

The project was originally scheduled for this spring, but has been delayed. On the website Kickstarter, a platform for individuals to donate to creative projects, Mr Tunick wrote: "This is a project that is very special to me, one that I have dreamed of since my early days as an artist.

"We look forward to your support and to exposing a part of Israel that has not been seen before and at the same time bringing attention to the diminishing waters of the Dead Sea".

So far, £13,700 has been pledged with 31 days before the deadline. Mr Tunick is expected to visit Israel next week to arrange the final details for the location of the shoot.

Last updated: 3:30pm, May 5 2011