Blackout at Rambam's tomb after rabbis ignore electricty bill

By Jennifer Lipman, April 7, 2011
The Rambam's tomb in Tiberias

The Rambam's tomb in Tiberias

Visitors to the Rambam's tomb in Tiberias may find it difficult to see things clearly.

The holy burial site of the renowned 12th century Jewish scholar and philosopher Moses Maimonides was left without electricity after the rabbis who managed the site failed to pay mounting utility bills.

According to the Israel Electric Corporation, they owe more than £7,000. As a result, the site is in darkness and is closed to evening visitors. A sign has been posted at the entrance explaining closure "due to a power glitch."

One of the rabbis in charge of the tomb said the bill had fallen "between the cracks ".

Rabbi Israel Deri, added: "We didn't pay…we're working on it."

Maimonides, who died 807 years ago in Cairo and was later reburied near the shores of the Kinneret, is one of the most esteemed Jewish sages in history. His tomb attracts visitors from around the world.

Last updated: 9:55am, April 7 2011