Jerusalem bomb victim's Bible mission

By Mordechai Beck, March 31, 2011

The scottish-born woman who was murdered in the Jerusalem bomb attack last week was taking part in a unique programme to translate the Hebrew Bible into hundreds of obscure languages.

Mary Jane Gardner had been studying at the Home for Bible Translators (HBT), which draws Christian translators from all over the globe for a 6-month course in ancient and modern Hebrew.

Armed with their knowledge, they return to their native countries and help translate the Hebrew Bible into the local language. So far over 90 translators - mainly from Third World countries - have participated. Ms Gardner, 55 at the time of her death, was intending to return to Togo in order to assist in the translation of the Bible into Ife, a language spoken by some 200,000 locals. Miriam Ronen, co-founder of the HBT, says 80 graduates of the course are now actively engaged in these translation projects.

Last updated: 12:05pm, March 31 2011