Hamas terror escalates at Gaza border

By Jennifer Lipman, March 23, 2011
Hamas members

Hamas members

Violence continued to escalate at the Gaza border this morning as two more rockets and ten mortar shells were fired by Hamas terrorists into residential areas in the south of Israel, in Beersheva and Ashdod.

A 56-year-old man was injured in one attack, while three others were treated by doctors following the blasts.

The barrage of the last week has been the worst since the war in Gaza two years ago.

Israel yesterday responded to the increased violence with an airstrike on Hamas sites, which left eight terrorists and civilians dead.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed regret at the casualties, which he said were the results of Hamas putting deliberately putting civilians in danger.

He said: “It is unfortunate that Hamas continues to rain down dozens of rockets on Israeli civilians intentionally, while using [their own] civilians as human shields.

"Israel has no intention of bringing about a deterioration of the situation, but at the same time, the IDF will continue to act decisively to protect Israeli citizens.”

Last updated: 11:34am, March 23 2011