Netanyahu to unveil new diplomatic plan

By Anshel Pfeffer, March 17, 2011

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is planning a major policy speech next month in which he is expected to unveil his new diplomatic plan.

The venue and the timing of the speech has yet to be determined but it is already being dubbed "Bar-Ilan Speech Two," after the speech in June 2009 in which Mr Netanyahu accepted the principle of a two-state solution.

So far, clear details have yet to emerge but it is expected that he will propose the founding of an interim Palestinian state with temporary borders, along with strict security assurances from Israel, including a prolonged IDF presence along the Jordan River.

Part of the input for Mr Netanyahu's big speech is to come from the public. His office is planning a number of open discussions with a select group of Facebook users over the web. This way, the premier's advisers believe that he can bypass the "hostile" press, prepare the ground for his new diplomatic plan and gain some valuable insights on how to convince the Israeli on the street.

    Last updated: 12:32pm, March 17 2011