Máiread Maguire rebuked by Israeli judge

By Jennifer Lipman, October 4, 2010
Máiread Maguire

Máiread Maguire

An Israeli judge has warned Nobel Peace Prize laureate Máiread Maguire that the courtroom is “not a place for propaganda” after she called Israel an “apartheid” state during a deportation hearing.

The Belfast-born activist is in court appealing against a ban on her entering Israel for the next ten years.
Ms Maguire, 66, was barred from Israel in June after she took part in an attempt to breach the naval blockade of Gaza.

After the Rachel Corrie ship was boarded and redirected to Ashdod, Ms Maguire gave written confirmation that she would not attempt to enter Israel again.

Despite warnings from Israeli foreign ministry officials that she would not be allowed back to Israel, Ms Maguire returned last week with a delegation of women.

When she was refused entry to Israel, she reportedly caused a scene by blocking the plane gangway.

The court is expected to reach a decision today, but a suggestion that she join the delegation for two days and then leave Israel has already been rejected.

    Last updated: 3:18pm, October 4 2010