Hamas marks peace talks with terror film

By Jennifer Lipman, September 16, 2010
In the clip children and teachers discuss attacking Israel

In the clip children and teachers discuss attacking Israel

Hamas has made a film showing the imagined destruction of Israel.

The terrorist organisation chose the launch of the second stage of the revived peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians to release the video.

"Apocalypse Tomorrow", created by Hamas operatives, has had more than 45,000 views. It depicts Israeli sites such as the Supreme Court falling to missile attacks and the streets of Tel Aviv laid to waste.

A Palestinian says: “Inshallah, the Jihad will take back the homeland", while students tell a teacher they want to join the fight for “liberation”.

Towards the end of the footage cars waving Palestinian flags drive triumphantly down a main road in Tel Aviv and a Hamas presenter takes a seat on an Israeli news channel.

Hamas has vowed to launch concerted attacks on Israel to ensure the peace talks do not succeed.

On Wednesday nine mortar shells and two rockets were sent into southern Israel, the highest daily total in six months.

A Zionist Federation spokesman said: “There are people who have suggested Hamas is included in any peace process.

“This disgusting video is the answer.”

Watch the video here

Last updated: 2:04pm, September 16 2010