UNIFIL: Lebanon not provoked in border clash

By Jennifer Lipman, August 25, 2010
Dov Harari was killed in the attack

Dov Harari was killed in the attack

United Nations peacekeepers have released a report concluding that Israel did not cross the border with Lebanon before IDF soldiers were fired on in a border fatal clash at the beginning of August.

Lebanon had claimed that Israel provoked the attack, which took place after soldiers were spotted carrying out maintenance work on a tree at Israel’s northern border.

But the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) said that a subsequent investigation had reinforced their original finding that Israel was working within its sovereign territory.

Four people, including Israeli commander Dov Harari, died in the border clash.

The IDF soldiers came under sniper shooting from Lebanese troops across the border, and in response an Israeli tank opened fire.

Israel had previously informed UNIFIL that they were planning to clear woodland blocking the vision of soldiers stationed at the northern border.

A UNIFIL commander said: “The report is a result of a professional and impartial work. It is based on the facts and all the evidence available

“We hope this report will assist the parties to prevent the recurrence of such serious and tragic events."

Lebanon has so far not commented on UNIFIL’s findings, but it follows reports that
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is to visit Lebanon on September 11.

Last updated: 3:36pm, August 25 2010