Ayalon: Israel will act if Iran attacks

By Jennifer Lipman, August 24, 2010
Danny Ayalon

Danny Ayalon

Israel’s deputy foreign minister has said that Israel will act against Iran if necessary and called on the Iranian people to act against the “aggressive dictatorial regime”.

Danny Ayalon, speaking during a radio broadcast which was then translated into Farsi, warned that if sanctions to stop Iran arming itself with nuclear weapons fail “the United States and other nations might consider other options."

"Israel is committed to defending its citizens and if attacked will act accordingly."

He said that the Iranian nuclear reactor “constitutes a tremendous danger to the stability of the entire region and to world peace in general.

“Nuclear weapons in Iran’s hands will enable it to threaten all the Arab governments.”

The Iranian regime spreads instability, supports terror, and oppresses its own people

Danny Ayalon

Mr Ayalon said that Israel wished to cooperate with Iran “to bring about a better reality in the region,” but that the Iranian regime prevented that.

“This is a regime that calls for 'Death to the United States, Great Britain and Israel'.

“The Iranian regime spreads instability, supports terror, and oppresses its own people.

He said that Israel and “all progressive elements throughout the world should take action against it.”

But he added that “in the end, it is the Iranian people themselves who must take their fate in their own hands and act to achieve their rights.

“The more the citizens of Iran increase their protest activities, the higher the international support will be."
Mr Ayalon made his comments as it emerged Iran is to be removed from a list of nations Turkey considers a threat to its national security.

Last weekend President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveiled Iran’s first domestically built unmanned bomber aircraft.

He described it as an “ambassador of death for the enemies of humanity”.

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