Israel's Turkey travel warning revised

By Jennifer Lipman, July 21, 2010

Israel has lifted a warning against citizens travelling to Turkey put in place in the aftermath of the flotilla clash.

Elkana Har-Nof, from Israel’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau, said the warning had been revised because “the street has pretty much calmed down.”

He said that six weeks after the incident, demonstrations in Turkey had waned and he was not concerned Israelis would be targeted if they visited the country. However he cautioned that visitors should still avoid talking about politics.

The Mavi Marmara was a Turkish ship and eight Turkish activists died in the fighting.

Following the flotilla clash Turkey recalled its ambassador from Israel and refused to allow a military plane headed to Poland on a Holocaust memorial trip to fly in Turkish airspace.

Turkey has been a popular tourist spot for Israelis for many years.

Last updated: 3:01pm, July 21 2010