Noam Shalit slams IDF for Gilad kidnap

By Jennifer Lipman, July 5, 2010
More than 10,000 people have joined the march for Gilad Shalit

More than 10,000 people have joined the march for Gilad Shalit

Gilad Shalit’s father has attacked the IDF for falling “asleep on the job” during the cross-border raid in which the soldier was captured more than four years ago.

Noam Shalit said official failings enabled the terrorists to infiltrate and kidnap his son, as well as kill two other Israeli soldiers.

He made the comments while on a visit near to the Kerem Shalom crossing between Israel and Gaza, where the then 19-year-old soldier was kidnapped by Palestinian militants in June 2006.

Mr Shalit added: “If those who are part of the system would have done what was necessary in the days leading up to the kidnapping, many problems would have been spared.”

The Shalit family and their supporters have embarked on an 11 day protest march across Israel to draw attention to Gilad’s plight.

More than 10,000 people have joined the march from the north of Israel to Jerusalem.

Mr Shalit and his wife Aviva are also planning to camp outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s home to pressure the Israeli government to bring the soldier home.

British supporters of have also organised a vigil outside Downing Street.

Hamas have released brief video footage proving the soldier is still alive, but negotiations for prisoner exchanges have so far failed.

Last updated: 5:03pm, July 5 2010