Ayalon: Shalit is the only Gaza crisis

The deputy Israeli Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon has told ambassadors that it is “absurd” to help care for Palestinians while Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel.

By Jessica Elgot, July 1, 2010

Danny Ayalon told 70 ambassadors, including representatives from Egypt and the EU, at the Kerem Shalom Gaza crossing, that Israel consumes 25,000 tons of imported food and Gaza consumes 10,000 tons. Israel has a population which is seven times larger than Gaza.

However, Israel produces much of its own food, whereas Gazans depend greatly on imported supplies.

He said: “Israel is making every effort to make sure Gazans lack nothing. Hamas is the only obstacle in the residents' way.
"The only humanitarian incident in Gaza is the imprisonment of Gilad Shalit in inhumane conditions for over four years, without even being allowed a visit by the Red Cross.
"Just yesterday, 800 metres from here, a rocket exploded. It's absurd."
Israel is completing the final list of new items which will be allowed into Gaza as part of easing the blockade.

Territories Co-ordinator Maj. Gen. Eitan Dangot, who organised the visit for the ambassadors, said international aid and human rights agencies had been consulted on the list.

Last updated: 3:11pm, July 1 2010