More deaths in aftermath of IDF raid

June 1, 2010

Two terrorists were shot dead attempting to infiltrate the Gaza border this morning.

The attempt followed Monday's IDF raid of the "Free Gaza" flotilla in which nine passengers were killed.

Four settlements near the border fence have been closed and families living nearby have been asked to stay in their homes. It is believed schools have been closed.

As international outrage mounted, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu cut short his visit to North America and canceled a meeting with President Barack Obama to return to Israel.

The UN Security Council has convened an emergency meeting in New York and Israeli ambassadors around the world were summoned by their host governments to explain the incident.

Turkey has recalled its ambassador and scrapped joint military exercises with Israel. Greece suspended a military exercise with Israel that had already begun and postponed a visit by Israel’s air force chief.

There were also protest rallies in Jordan, Turkey, Beirut, Greece and Pakistan.

Last updated: 11:28am, June 1 2010