Israel bans Apple's iPads

By Jessica Elgot, April 19, 2010
Apple iPad: The gadget is banned from Israel

Apple iPad: The gadget is banned from Israel

Israel has banned Apple iPads from entering the country, and has seized at least 20 of the high-tech gadgets at customs.

The US-built iPads, which function like a flat, touchscreen computer, are built to broadcast at higher power levels than those used in Israel, and thus could disrupt Israeli wireless connections.

Customs officials at Ben Gurion airport will look after the iPads, for a fee, until their owners collect them on their return home.

Communications ministry spokesman Nati Schubert denied that the move was due to trade restrictions. The iPads are currently only available in the US.

He said: “We don’t care where people buy their equipment but without regulation, you would have chaos.”

Israel is known as a pioneer in information technology and businessmen have criticised the ban, which may stop Israeli developers working on technology for the iPad.

The iPad will be launched internationally on May 10.

Last updated: 12:39pm, April 19 2010