Israeli generals ‘want ground operation’

By JC Reporter, July 11, 2014
Explosion in Rafah as the IAF targets Hamas - Reuters

Explosion in Rafah as the IAF targets Hamas - Reuters

The IDF’s top brass are strongly in favour of putting boots on the ground in Gaza.

According to an Israel Radio report on Friday, the generals are waiting for the green light from Israel's political leadership. The cabinet is expected to make its decision over the next two days.

Hamas is now targeting Ben Gurion airport, according to a statement put out by the terror group today.

The warning came as an Ashdod gas station was hit by a Hamas rocket, severely injuring one and wounding two others. Israeli jets attacked the site that launched the rocket.

Also on Friday morning, missiles were launched towards Haifa, the Hof HaCarmel region and Hadera. No injuries or damage were reported.

Israeli gunboats and jets were reported to be have struck several targets in Gaza this morning.

As Operation Protective Edge entered its fourth day on Friday, over 350 rockets had been fired at Israel, about 90 of them intercepted by Iron Dome defence shield, and the Israeli Air Force had carried out almost 900 airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.

By midday Friday, reports from Gaza said at least 100 Palestinians had been killed.

Israeli officials have stated that ceasefire offers are ‘irrelevant’ because Hamas continues to send rockets into Israeli territory.

Last updated: 4:07pm, July 11 2014