Jewish suspects ‘confess’ to murder of Arab teen

By Sandy Rashty, July 7, 2014
Mohammed Abu Khdeir

Mohammed Abu Khdeir

Three of the six Jewish suspects who were arrested in connection to the kidnap and killing of a Palestinian teenager have reportedly confessed to the crime.

The burnt body of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir was discovered last Wednesday.

The Arab boy appears to have been killed in an act of revenge after the murder of Israeli teenagers Gilad Sha'ar, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Yifrach by Hamas insurgents.

Today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the Palestinian teenager’s father, Hussein Abu Khdeir, to “express my outrage and that of the citizens of Israel over the reprehensible murder of your son”.

A spokesman for the Zionist Federation said: “We would like to express our outrage and disgust at the senseless and horrific murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, who it now appears was killed by Jewish extremists. His tragic death has been condemned by every level of Israeli society, and we fully expect his killers to receive appropriate sentences after being tried and convicted.”

He added: “At a time when families on both sides are grieving for their lost children, we hope that the Palestinian Authority will take note that a responsible government condemns, rather than celebrates, murder.”

Last updated: 5:03pm, July 7 2014