Israeli security officers sacked over kidnapping

By Sandy Rashty, June 30, 2014

Israeli security officers have been dismissed after an investigative body found a “serious failure of conduct” on the night three teenagers were kidnapped by Hamas insurgents.

The investigative committee, which released its report today, found that operators monitoring the police emergency hotline had mishandled the phone call on the night of the kidnapping.

As a result, officers – including the chief operations officer and head of the command and control centre – have been dismissed and will not be able to serve in a position of authority for at least three years.

On the night of the kidnapping, officers received a call from one of the abductees who said: “I have been kidnapped”.

The shift supervisor and police sergeant major – who tried to call back the abductee – subsequently decided not to follow up the call. According to regulations, they should have tried to identify the caller and location.

A spokesman, who was quoted in Haaretz, said: "The failure to provide a suitable response to a distressed caller is unforgivable and could damage the public's trust in the police force.”

Last updated: 6:19pm, June 30 2014