Palestinians shot dead in Nakba Day protests

By Sandy Rashty, May 15, 2014
Nakba Day protest is Tel Aviv (Photo: NS/ Twitter)

Nakba Day protest is Tel Aviv (Photo: NS/ Twitter)

Two Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank after participating in Nakba Day riots.

Soldiers reportedly shot the men in the heart with rubber bullets during a riot outside the Ofer Military Prison near Ramallah today.

Thousands are believed to be protesting in the West Bank and East Jerusalem for Nakba Day – what Palestinians call the “catastrophe” that took place when Israel was established in 1948.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the protesters, who were demonstrating against “the disaster of the establishment of Israel, the state of the Jewish people.

“They teach their children with non-stop propaganda that it’s necessary to cause the disappearance of the state of Israel.”

Last updated: 3:53pm, May 15 2014