US has given ‘yellow light’ for Iran strike, says ex-IDF chief

By Zoe Winograd, August 7, 2013
Amos Yadlin (Photo: R D Ward)

Amos Yadlin (Photo: R D Ward)

A former head of Israeli military intelligence has said that America is strengthening its support for an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear programme.

Amos Yadlin, chief of IDF intelligence from 2006-2010, told Israeli radio on Wednesday: “The American stance on an Israeli strike against Iran has changed dramatically recently.” He continued: “In 2012 the [Americans'] red light was as red as it can get, the brightest red… But the music I’m hearing lately from Washington says, ‘If this is truly an overriding Israeli security interest, and you think you want to strike,’ then the light hasn’t changed to green, I think, but it’s definitely yellow.”

Mr Yadlin’s comments follow a press conference held by Iran’s new president Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday where the leader confirmed his readiness for “serious” talks with world leaders about Iran’s nuclear programme.

“We are ready to engage in serious and substantial talks without wasting time,” Mr Rouhani said.

In April, Mr Yadlin told a conference at the Institute for National Security Studies that “for all intents and purposes, Iran has crossed Israel’s red line… in the summer, Iran will be a month or two away from deciding about a bomb.”

Last updated: 10:13am, August 7 2013