Spokesman denies Israel agreed to pre-1967 borders as basis for talks

By Alexandra Krendel, July 18, 2013

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesperson has denied that Israel is prepared to use the pre-1967 borders and agreed land swaps with the Palestinians as a basis for peace talks.

An Israeli official had earlier stated that if the Palestinians agreed to the formula, the US Secretary of State John Kerry, could relaunch the peace talks which stopped in 2010.

However, Mark Negev, spokesman for Mr Netanyahu, has stated that the report on the official’s statement was “untrue”. Additionally, Mr Netanyahu’s office has declined to discuss what the official had said.

Mr Netanyahu has clearly stated in the past that in order for peace talks to occur, Palestine must overtly recognise Israel as a legitimate Jewish state.

When questioned about the original report, a U.S official said "there is a great deal of inaccurate information out there right now and our focus is continuing to work through details with both parties".

However, Kerry has stated after talks with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that gaps between Israel and Palestine have “very significantly” narrowed.

Last updated: 12:49pm, July 19 2013