Israeli man found guilty of parents' murder

By Anna Sheinman, July 1, 2013
Jerusalem District Court where Maoz was sentenced

Jerusalem District Court where Maoz was sentenced

An Israeli man has been found guilty of murdering both his parents to fund his gambling habit and has been sentenced to two consecutive life sentences.

Daniel Maoz’s denied he was responsible for the brutal stabbing of his parents Noah and Nuritz Maoz. Despite DNA evidence linking him to the scene, he accused his identical twin brother Nir of being responsible.

Maoz’s parents’ bodies were found in their Jerusalem apartment in August 2011. The prosecution claimed that he killed his parents in order to claim insurance money to spend gambling.

He admitted that he had previously faked a violent robbery at his parents’ home in order to steal money from them.

Maoz was given an additional five years in prison for destroying evidence by cleaning the scene of the crime.

Last updated: 3:54pm, July 1 2013