It’s the Gaza Strip (again): female IDF soldiers post provocative video

By Elliot Miller, June 12, 2013

Amateur video footage of female Israeli soldiers dancing in their underwear has been making waves on social media websites.

The video shows female soldiers spanking each other and using their military-issue rifles as stripper poles.

A censored clip was played on Israel’s Channel 2 news.

“We need to strike the iron while it is hot and put an end to this,” former Women’s Corp officer Orit Adatto told Channel 2 news on Tuesday. “We must make clear to the soldiers the harm this does to us [the IDF] both here and abroad.”

She continued: “I would crack down on this. After two or three times that people are punished severely, others will be deterred from doing it”.

The video comes a week after female Israeli soldiers based in southern Israel were disciplined after pictures emerged of them posing in their underwear. In one of the pictures, two newly recruited women expose their bottoms to the camera.

Last updated: 1:12pm, June 12 2013