Touching bottom? IDF girls pose in underwear

By Elliot Miller, June 3, 2013
The image on Facebook of IDF soldiers in their underwear

The image on Facebook of IDF soldiers in their underwear

Female Israeli soldiers based in southern Israel have been disciplined after pictures emerged of them posing in their underwear.

In one of the pictures, two newly recruited women expose their bottoms to the camera.

The military reportedly said the young women had acted in a manner that showed "unbecoming behaviour" for Israeli soldiers. "The commanding officers disciplined the soldiers as they saw fit," it said.

The statement does not identify the soldiers or give any details about the punishments.

The racy photos were uploaded onto Facebook, the latest in a number of controversies involving young members of the IDF and social media.

In 2010, photos of IDF female soldiers posing in front of Palestinian prisoners were posted on Facebook. This had led to a ban on young soldiers from the use of social media at IDF bases. Meanwhile, earlier this year, a solider was reprimanded for sending an anti-Palestinian tweet.

Last updated: 2:58pm, June 3 2013