Israel and Syria exchange fire in the Golan Heights

By Marcus Dysch, May 21, 2013
The Israeli-Syrian border in the Golan Heights (Photo: Masterpjz9)

The Israeli-Syrian border in the Golan Heights (Photo: Masterpjz9)

Israeli and Syrian forces have exchanged fire in the Golan Heights in the latest in a series of incidents on the border.

The Syrian army claimed it had destroyed an IDF jeep that it said had infiltrated into Syrian territory in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

No Israelis are thought to have been injured in the incident. An IDF spokesman confirmed a vehicle had been damaged by "light weapons fire" and that a rocket had been fired in retaliation, scoring a "direct hit" on Syrian forces.

It was the third time an Israeli Tammuz rocket was fired back into Syria.

The clashes follow a number of similar skirmishes and increasing tension in the border region in recent weeks.

Syrian shells have hit Israel twice this week. It is not known whether Syrian forces directly targeted Israeli army positions or had unsuccessfully aimed at rebels.

Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon reiterated Israel's position and said: “We do not interfere in the civil war, but we will not allow it to enter our territory.”

Last updated: 3:14pm, May 21 2013