Senior Salafist terrorist killed in Israeli air strike

By Zoe Winograd, April 30, 2013
Gaza strip (Photo: Marius Arnesen)

Gaza strip (Photo: Marius Arnesen)

A senior Salafist terrorist has been killed in Gaza.

An Israeli Air Force strike killed 29-year-old Hitam al-Mahsal near a Hamas training base on Tuesday morning. Reportedly, Mahsal was responsible for the rocket attack on Eilat from the Sinai Peninsula on April 17.

Mahsal was deemed an “explosives expert” by the IDF.

This was the first time Israel has targeted a terrorist in Gaza since Operation Pillar of Defence last year.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "Today we struck at one who was involved in the rocket fire at Eilat. I said we wouldnt ignore this, our action is continuation of our policy."

Last updated: 10:25am, April 30 2013