Playboy launches in Israel

By Jennifer Lipman, March 21, 2013

The publisher of a new Hebrew-language magazine says it can offer Israelis the kind of in-depth coverage of culture and sport not found in the country’s mainstream media. But it is unlikely to be this aspect that piques readers’ interest.

Dan Pomerantz is the man behind Playboy Israel, which launched earlier this month in a storm of publicity about the rise of the shfanfanat Playboy (the Hebrew for Playboy bunny).

Israel’s answer to Hugh Hefner was working as a lawyer in Chicago when, on a visit to Israel, he noticed that while other Israelis can buy other adult magazines and Playboy products, Playboy itself was not published in Hebrew.

Friendship with lawyers for the company led him to secure permission to launch it in Israel, and two years later, having made aliyah, Mr Pomerantz’s magazine is on newsstands.

It is not on sale everywhere. “We try to always behave with respect, we don’t put up billboards or stock it in neighbourhoods where we think to do so would be disrespectful.

“The peace process is one of the many things we plan to cover,” he added. “Our agenda is to bring the depth and seriousness that you can’t always find in the daily news.”

To that end, the second issue will include an interview with “someone very relevant”. But Mr Pomerantz promises that there will also be “a beautiful photoshoot on a secluded beach — with an Israel model”.

Last updated: 8:45pm, March 21 2013