Israeli man arrested for ordering a woman to move to the back seat

By Zoe Winograd, February 18, 2013
A bus en route in Israel (Photo: Goldberg)

A bus en route in Israel (Photo: Goldberg)

A man has been arrested for ordering a 22-year-old woman to sit at the back of a bus in Israel.

On Friday two strictly Orthodox men are said to have harassed Noa Kentman while she sat on a bus headed to Ashdod.

According to reports, when Ms Kentman refused to move from her seat, the men called her "impure" and screamed at her. One of the men sat on the front steps of the bus to make sure he was sitting in front of her.

En route from Sfat to Ashdod, the bus was intercepted by police at its destination after Ms Kentman’s sister called for help.

Knesset Member Yael German said in a statement yesterday: “The segregation of women is a phenomenon endangering the future of Israeli society. It is the state’s responsibility to stop this phenomenon from growing.”

Last updated: 3:31pm, February 18 2013