Women spread swine flu, Hamas columnist claims

By Sandy Rashty, February 4, 2013

A Hamas columnist has attributed the outbreak of swine flu to the freedom of women.

In a piece transcribed by Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri) on Friday, Issam Shawer, who writes for Felesteen, claimed that the outbreak of swine flu in the West Bank and Gaza was caused by “women [who] emerge from every corner… and then congregate in one place.

“Women are the most numerous and fastest transmitters of viral diseases and epidemics such as swine flu. They spread news and rumours, but also viruses that waft through the stuffy air.

"Then they disperse, and many go on to perform some other duty at some other home or function hall. This is why I think women are the fastest transmitters of epidemics.”

Mr Shawer's piece, published on December 24, offers a solution. As well as wearing a niqab, “[men] can also take a greater part in fighting disease by imposing stricter constraints on the movement and gatherings of the womenfolk – at least in the next three months.”

Last updated: 4:35pm, February 4 2013