Israeli jets strike military site near Damascus

By Zoe Winograd, January 30, 2013
Israeli Air Force jet fighters (Photo: AP)

Israeli Air Force jet fighters (Photo: AP)

According to a Syrian TV channel, Israeli planes bombed a military research centre in the Jermana area near Damascus on Wednesday.

The TV station report said that two people were killed and five wounded, with damage done to the centre which was “used to advance Syrian military capabilities.”

Israeli intelligence sources, meanwhile, say that the jets were targeting Hizbollah missiles in the area.

Earlier today a Lebanese military statement reported that four Israeli planes entered Lebanese air space late Tuesday afternoon. This was followed by two further waves of jets, which flew over Lebanon territory until 7.55am Wednesday morning.

The Israeli government is yet to provide an explanation of the operation.

This follows Israeli Air Force Major General Amir Eshel’s warning on Tuesday about the volatility of Syria.

The Lebanese Army also reported IAF activity in Lebanese air space last Saturday.

Last updated: 2:34pm, January 31 2013